How to clean the panel of photovoltaic power generation

      Photovoltaic power plants mostly use silicon-based solar cell modules, which are very sensitive to temperature. The accumulation of dust on the surface of the module increases the heat transfer resistance of the photovoltaic module and becomes the thermal insulation layer on the photovoltaic module, which affects heat dissipation.

      There are three main steps in the cleaning process:

      1. First use a soft cloth or feather duster to clean the floating dust on the surface of the component.

      2. Then carefully clean the surface of the component with water,

      3. Finally, use a soft cloth to absorb the floating water on the surface.

      One is to pay attention to the timing of dust removal in photovoltaic power plants

      When removing dust, try to avoid the best working hours of the photovoltaic power station. Photovoltaic power plants have high voltage and high current under high temperature and strong light. A little carelessness will cause electric shock damage to the cleaner, and may damage the components. It is recommended to clean the modules in the early morning and evening, because during this period, the photovoltaic power station has low working efficiency and low power generation, which reduces the cleaning risk. In addition, dust removal during this period of time can avoid component shadow occlusion caused by the cleaner. When cleaning the glass surface of photovoltaic modules, it is recommended to use a soft brush and mild water. Use a small amount of cleaning power to avoid damaging the glass surface. For modules with coated glass, take care to avoid damaging the glass layer.

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