Solar Cable Topic

Solar DC cables, typically used in PV systems for power transmission between the PV panels to the inverter, have unique requirements for their conductors and insulation due to year-round exposure to the external environment. Common international certifications include TUV EN50618/PV1-f, UL4703, IEC62930, etc. Individual regions have unique requirements for fire protection and waterproofing, such as CPR fire rating, AD8 waterproofing rating requirements, etc.

Stick to the quality bottom line
KUKA CABLE insists on inspecting the raw materials of the cables into the warehouse, conducting systematic tests on the electrical and mechanical properties of the ex-factory products, and delivering them only after they have passed the test, and issuing a conformity report to the customer.
Common test items in cables
The performance requirements vary from cable to cable, as well as the performance requirements and certification standards around the world, so having qualified laboratories and rigorous testing of raw materials and finished cables is the key to guaranteeing quality.
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