Submersion Analysis Of Solar PV Cables At FPV System

    Currently, there are many types of solar pv cables. A copper or a blue, no matter what, it's a combination, and it has a very good conductivity, ductility and ductility. Dual redundant single-core power supply for solar DC power supply for outdoor use has been proven to be a practical solution, currently equipped with a high-performance optical-low voltage current station.

   In the light of the various requirements for the electronic industry, there are the following points:

   Good weather resistance, odor resistance and anti-ultraviolet radiation; large working temperature range; machine stress resistance; abrasion resistance; Selected two types of solar power output voltage, as shown in Figure 1. 


Figure 1 solar cables

 Separately released 6 large water tanks for use in a simulated fresh hydrated marine environment, mixed with water

 Algae system, prevent algae growth and organic matter degradation. Water box 1, 3 and 5 are fully loaded with the ocean environment model, and No. 2, No. 4 and No. 6 water box have been added to about 18 public sea tanks, and the water level has reached about 3.5%.


    Electrical Insulation Tests

        Solar pv cables comply with EN 50618 standard submersion test. Each measured solar cable wire lasts for 5 meters, and the end of each measured solar cable wire  is permanently immersed, avoiding any water intrusion or absorption, and the end of the conductor exposed to contact with water.

After running the electric test, use the electric voltage source, and then check the electric power supply and the electric power supply. In-house equipment is tested and tested, and it is also used as a separate device.

        After measuring the voltage, use the following steps:

        1. Visually check each root circuit, check whether it is correct or not, if there is any failure or deterioration of the circuit.


        2. For the voltage test test, the voltage is 100 V applied. result Blocking result is high to the minimum, progressing one step further.

        3. As shown in the standard test procedure, the required applied voltage Hold 80-500 V for 1 min. Measurement test, regular progress measurement. 100V voltage is applied to the electrical conductors in the copper wire through which water is applied.

        4. the final electrical measurement equipment measurement electrical insulation. After measuring electricity, the electricity is submerged in a water box outside the room.Continuously tested every week, last 12weeks.

  Water Physic-chemical Characterization

          Physico-chemical table of progress against water per cycle, measurement factor, inclusive water temperature, electrical conductivity, temperature, dissolution, solids, pH, oxygenated water potential, dissolution, and saturation percentage. The water volume is high at the beginning of the body, adjusting the temperature, removing moisture, adding water. 12 laps of electric immersion, test and analysis by external light (FTIR).


     Due to the characteristics of the aquatic environment, the flexibility and performance of the floating lighting equipment, the potential impact on the aquatic environment, temperature, and high waves and wind speeds have brought new challenges and difficulties. Made with the latest technology, it has benefited from the refurbishment of the ground lighting equipment, which has not yet matured. Because of this system of knowledge, the special feature is related to the immersion in the FPV, the aftereffects of the knowledge in the system, and the underwater environment. Developed electric current can be lost when water enters, so the electric insulation voltage is low, so it will lead to electricity coming into the water, which can affect the aquatic ecosystem. This type of electric current is immersed in temperatures below 0 ºC, and is associated with accelerated degradation of the electric current-supply layer. After this temperature is generated, the electrical resistance drop in the freshwater measurement is low. During the infiltration of flood water, this type of electric double manifests a clear external degeneration effect. However, when submerged in water, the strength of microplastics increases, which is possible due to the fact that the electric current is two inches smaller. Communicating with the heat of the sun, there is a high possibility that the power will be displayed when it is submerged, and the number of power sources will not be reduced. As demand progresses, the constant voltage decoupler has a possibility of failure occurring within the extended immersion time.

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