Photovoltaics in Lebanon Continue To Be Active: KUKA Signs Two Contains Solar Cables

Facing a severe energy crisis, Lebanese are increasingly turning to solar energy to meet their electricity needs. According t

KUKA CABLE Participated In The 2022 (Zhengzhou) International Solar PV Exhibition

On September 6, the 2022 China (Zhengzhou) International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition kicked off in Zhengzhou, which is an i

KukaCable Again Won Solar Cable Wire Orders From UK

Backed by incentives provided by the UK government, the UK has witnessed a large number of solar PV installations over the pa

KukaCable Signs 6 Container Solar PV Cable With Electrical Renewable Energies In South African

KukaCable signed a contract with s top Electrical Renewable Energies in South Africa for six containers of solar cables on Au

A Large Energy Company In Thailand Signed Contract For TUV Solar Cables With KukaCable

Thailand‘s renewable energy market has broad prospects with the advancement of renewable energy technology and falling co

KukaCable received new order from a Romanian twin core auto cable

We received a purchase request from Mr. Joy from Romania a few days ago. They expect to order 600,000 meters of twin core aut