KUKA CABLE’ operators actively participate in the basic training on how to establish Alibaba stores

      The operation department of our company participated in the basic training organized by Alibaba for webs

KUKA Cable's fearless typhoon FIREWORKS, non-intermittent delivery

     In the third quarter of the Netherlands, stimulated by local policies, many photovoltaic projects are und

Australian customers reorder MC4 solar cable connectors

KUKA CABLE received another order for 50,000 pairs of MC4 solar connectors from this customer less than two weeks after the l

rade volume hits a new high, KUKA TRAMPOLINE TEAM BUILDING looks forward to new heights

      This time the team building was selected at an Internet celebrity trampoline entertainment center in Sha

SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition, KUKA CABLE received full

      The 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition i

Learn excellent traditional culture and enhance the soft power of corporate culture

       China is one of the several ancient countries in the world, with 5000 years of traditional culture