Solar & Storage Live:KUKACable Empowers Sustainable Development in Africa

Solar & Storage Live, the premier PV exhibition in Africa, is set to be held from March 18th to March 20th. KUKACable, a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic cables, has been invited to participate in this prestigious event. You can find us at Booth No. Hall 1.A02. As Africa's renewable energy sector continues to surge, with more communities and businesses transitioning to solar power, KUKACable is optimistic about the African market. In 2023 alone, we sold over 32,400 km of solar cables.

KUKACable's products prioritize practicality and durability, capable of withstanding the harsh climates of Africa while ensuring long-term performance and reliability. Whether for residential solar installations or large-scale solar farms, our cables are up to the task, providing efficient and secure transmission of solar energy.

At Solar & Storage Live, we will showcase our range of photovoltaic cable products along with the latest SIF solar cable quality control model. This innovative technology further enhances the quality of our photovoltaic cables, setting new industry standards and expectations. The SIF solar cablequality control model has made breakthroughs in mechanical performance, aging resistance, and flame retardancy. Compared to traditional standards, the SIF model establishes stricter criteria and testing parameters, ensuring the stability, durability, and safety of our cable products.

During the exhibition, our engineers and experts will provide detailed insights into the new SIF model, showcasing its outstanding performance and advantages through real-world case studies and data analysis. We look forward to engaging in in-depth discussions and collaborations with other businesses and professionals at the exhibition, sharing experiences and resources, and exploring future development directions and cooperation opportunities. This will inject new vitality and momentum into the industry, driving further growth in the South African PV market.

Visit us at Booth No. Hall 1.A02. We look forward to welcoming you!