KUKA CABLE Shines at SNEC 2024 in Shanghai

Booth Number: A8.2H-560

Clients Received: Over 200 International Groups

Participants: Founder/CEO Tim and Key Team Members

Shanghai, China**—From June 13 to 15, 2024, KUKA CABLE participated in the world’s largest solar exhibition, SNEC PV Power Expo, held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The event drew over 2,000 exhibitors and 200,000 professionals, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the solar industry.

Leading the Future of Solar Technology

This year’s SNEC Expo not only displayed the latest solar industry technologies but also provided a platform for industry experts and companies to exchange ideas and share experiences. As global demand for clean energy continues to rise, solar power has become a critical component of the global energy transition. KUKA CABLE is dedicated to driving this field forward through technological innovation and quality enhancement.

Showcasing Comprehensive Product Innovations

At this year’s event, KUKA CABLE showcased a wide range of solar system power transmission solutions, including DC cables, connectors, wire harnesses, medium-voltage cables, and AC cables. Our B2ca grade flame-retardant cables and AD8 grade waterproof cables stood out, demonstrating exceptional performance in extreme environments. Through interactive displays, we highlighted KUKA CABLE’s expertise in material science and product engineering.

Quality Assurance: Visual Display of Testing Projects

To enhance customer trust in our product quality, KUKA CABLE demonstrated over 30 critical testing procedures behind our solar cables. We summarized the five most common non-compliance issues from testing 25 different brands in the market, such as non-compliant dielectric strength and flame test failures. This display allowed customers to gain a clear understanding of the superiority of KUKA CABLE’s products, further boosting their confidence in our brand.

Industry Recognition: “Witness Laboratory Certificate” Ceremony

During the exhibition, KUKA CABLE held a ceremony for the “Witness Laboratory Certificate” awarded by TUV based on IEC/ISO-17025 standards. This certification acknowledges our excellence in laboratory management and product quality testing. Mr. Shi Bing, Deputy General Manager of Solar Commercial Products for TUV Greater China, attended and presented the certification. Additionally, customer representatives from Pakistan and Italy were invited to speak, sharing their high regard for KUKA CABLE’s product quality and service.

In-depth Engagement and Future Prospects

Throughout the exhibition, KUKA CABLE’s booth received over 200 international customer groups. Key company personnel, including founder and CEO Tim, actively engaged in discussions with customers. Additionally, we extended invitations for many customers to visit our factory, deepening their understanding of our products and technology.

KUKA CABLE’s success at SNEC 2024 not only reinforced its leadership position in the global solar market but also strengthened its partnerships with international clients. Looking ahead, KUKA CABLE will continue to drive solar technology advancements through innovation and high-quality products, contributing to the global energy transition.

Conclusion: Leading the Future of the Solar Industry

KUKA CABLE’s continuous innovation and excellence in the solar industry have earned it the trust of global customers. We understand that only by continuously improving our technical capabilities and service standards can we maintain our competitive edge in the future market. KUKA CABLE will continue to lead the development of the solar industry through technological innovation and superior service, contributing to the global energy transition and sustainable development.