How to view China's solar cable market in 2022

In poor and remote areas of China, the method of obtaining heat is still burning wood. This not only increases the content of harmful substances in the air, but also causes a certain degree of environmental pollution, and also brings harm to people's lives and property. Using photovoltaic power generation to obtain thermal energy can not only effectively reduce the consumption of chemical energy and wood, but also ensure the balance of the surrounding ecological environment. It is beneficial to absorb the production capacity of the photovoltaic power generation industry. In recent years, the production capacity of my country's photovoltaic power generation industry has remained high. Compared with the demand and consumption capacity of solar power generation, photovoltaic power generation capacity has shown a surplus. In the past, the solution to the problem of overcapacity in China's photovoltaic industry was relatively simple and basically relied on exports. Therefore, the development of china's photovoltaic industry is largely affected by the foreign photovoltaic module market.

Today, the country has put forward a precise policy of "solar poverty alleviation", which has pointed out the direction for the consumption of excess capacity in the solar power generation industry in the past. In the market environment where the scale and number of poverty alleviation projects are increasing year by year, the rational application of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in poverty alleviation projects has effectively reduced the dependence of china country's photovoltaic industry on exports and improved the economic benefits of domestic photovoltaics. In 2022, China's solar cable The city will be even hotter.