The Type Of Automotive Wire & Cable

Automotive wire included automotive primary wire, motor wire, car speaker wire, trailer wire, battery cable, brake cable, etc.

Application requirements and characteristics of underwater zero-buoyancy cables for submarine rov

In underwater projects, such as in the ocean, it is usually hundreds of meters or even meters of water. In addition to the ne

Underwater rov Zero Buoyancy Cable benefits Industrial Automation Process

Underwater rov cables are used in submersible motors and underwater robots and other equipment. The outer sheath of the zero-

Characteristics of new FPV power station solar cable

The cable laying of the FPV power station can be erected by bridge or along the top surface of the floating body. A

The reasons of rubber sticking and copper wire blackening in rubber cable

Some manufacturers use ordinary copper in the production of rubber cables, because copper itself is not oxygen-free copper, a

The problems of welding robots in welding cables

1. It may be that the welding position is not correct or there is a problem with the welding torch. At this time, it is neces