Analysis of power generation efficiency of FPV power generation system and solar power generation s

Compared with the solar power generation system, the floating photovoltaic power generation system has higher power generatio

Jordan plans to double renewable energy to 50% by 2030

Jordan's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources recently launched a study on developing and expanding the national grid

Copper prices on the LME rose rapidly, and copper prices rose passively

The deteriorating situation in Russia and Ukraine has led to a tight energy supply and pushed up prices. From the exclusion o

The compound annual growth rate of the global high temperature cable market will reach 8.9% in 2022-

With the continuous improvement of railway infrastructure, the global demand for high temperature cables market will also gro

The world's largest copper producer Chile's production capacity fell to 430,000 tons in January

Top copper producer Chile produced 429,923 tonnes of copper in January, the lowest January output since 2011.The Bureau of St

Renewable energy accounts for 59% of electricity in Portugal from January to October 2021

Data from Portuguese power company Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN) shows that renewable energy plants generate enough elect