The composition of the fuse pv connector

Solar fuse connectors are currently protective products containing fuses in the photovoltaic industry. Solar fuse connectors play a protective role in the line, current or other problems of the power generation system. The patented design of this product is detachable and can be replaced at any time. Fuse, save maintenance cost, rest assured and be safe when using. The product adopts PPO imported insulating material, the flame retardant, and waterproof grade can reach IP68, TUV certification, etc.

Fuse inline is a short-circuit protector, widely used in power distribution systems and control systems, mainly for short-circuit protection or severe overload protection.

The fuse is mainly composed of a melt and an insulating tube (insulating seat) for installing the melt. When in use, the melt is connected in series to the protected circuit, and when the circuit has a short-circuit fault, the melt is instantaneously blown to break the circuit and play a protective role. This product is suitable for photovoltaic power stations, and large, medium, and small photovoltaic power generation systems. Its function is to protect the accessories and components in the system. The specifications of  fuse connectors are from 1A to 50A for you to choose from. The 1500V solar fuse connector is easy to install and detachable, which is convenient for quick replacement of the internal fuse. The protection level is IP68. The length and specifications of the wires can be completely produced according to your requirements.

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