Operational requirements for welding cables with electric welding machines

In order to eliminate the unsafe factors of the electric welding machine and avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents, the welder should follow the following points when using the electric welding machine to weld cables:

Ask to operate the welding machine.

1. Electric welding pliers

Use qualified welding tongs. The welding rod can be firmly clamped and the connection with the cable is reliable, which is the key to keeping the welding tongs from overheating. The welding tongs must have good insulation properties, and it is forbidden to use self-made simple welding tongs.

2. Welding cable

When using a multi-strand thin copper wire without a connector cable, the welding cable is connected with the welding machine terminal by a terminal nose to prevent loose contact, overheating, and sparks caused by random winding. A protective cover should be provided on the wiring bolt. The length of the welding cable is generally not more than 20 ~ 30m, and if it is too long, the voltage drop of the wire will increase. When the welding cable crosses the channel, protective measures such as protective sleeve and pipe must be taken. It is strictly forbidden to use scaffolding, metal railings, rails and other metal objects to overlap instead of wires to prevent fire and electric shock accidents caused by poor contact.

3. Welding is not allowed to overload

The welding machine is not allowed to be overloaded during use, otherwise it will burn the welding machine or cause a fire due to overheating, and the overload will cause insulation damage, and may also cause leakage and electric shock accidents.

4. Before welding, check whether the welding equipment and tools are safe. For example, the grounding of the welding machine and the contact of each wiring point are

No good, whether the insulation jacket of the welding cable is damaged, etc.

5. Before welding on the equipment, the grounding or zero line of the equipment should be removed first, and then restored after welding.

6. Before the welding operation, the working environment should be checked, the risk factors should be removed and the monitoring personnel should be set up. when with

When other personnel and related facilities are too close, screen guards and safety intervals should be used to ensure safe operation. When welding at high places, the seat belt must be fastened.

7. Welders should wear insulating gloves when replacing electrodes.

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