The problems of welding robots in welding cables

1. It may be that the welding position is not correct or there is a problem with the welding torch. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the TCP (the position of the center point of the welding torch) is accurate and adjust it. If this happens frequently, check the zero position of each axis of the robot and re-calibrate to correct it.

2. There is an undercut problem

The welding cable may be improperly selected, the welding torch angle or welding torch position may be wrong, and can be adjusted appropriately.

3. There is a stomata problem

It may be that the gas protection is poor, the primer of the workpiece is too thick or the protective gas is not dry enough, and it can be dealt with by adjusting accordingly.

4. Excessive splash problem

It may be due to improper selection of welding parameters, gas composition or too long wire extension. You can adjust the power of the machine to change the welding parameters, adjust the gas proportioning instrument to adjust the gas mixture ratio, and adjust the relative position of the welding torch and the workpiece.

5. An arc crater is formed after cooling at the end of the weld

When programmable, add the function of submerged arc crater in the work step, which can be filled.

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