Characteristics of new FPV power station solar cable

The cable laying of the FPV power station can be erected by bridge or along the top surface of the floating body. Although it is not directly immersed in water, it is difficult for conventional cables to avoid water immersion in a high-humidity environment and turbulent water surface. After the cable enters the water, under the action of the electric field, a water tree phenomenon will occur. The generation of water branches will increase the loss of the insulating medium, reduce the insulation resistance and insulation breakdown voltage, accelerate the aging speed, and even cause the cable insulation to be broken down. wear, shorten the service life of the cable. It is recommended to use a water resistance cable for the cable of the floating photovoltaic power station. The water resistance cable is longitudinally wrapped with an aluminum-plastic composite tape layer inside the outer sheath or inner lining layer as a waterproof layer to achieve waterproof function.

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