Underwater rov Zero Buoyancy Cable benefits Industrial Automation Process

Underwater rov cables are used in submersible motors and underwater robots and other equipment. The outer sheath of the zero-buoyancy cable is made of special polymer materials. The cables are divided into flat and round types from the appearance. It is widely used in the power connection of submersible pumps and various underwater working electrical appliances from water to water.

As a new type of waterproof wire and cable, the waterproof performance of the cable is more excellent, and the submarine zero buoyancy cable can be cut into specific sections according to the actual length of use by customers, which is convenient to use. Underwater robot cable is waterproof, oil-proof, cold-resistant, UV-resistant, wear-resistant, flame-retardant, tensile and bending, long life, anti-gravity, high flexibility, tensile, oil, shallow water, and weather resistance; Tear, can withstand heavier mechanical external force.

1. Seawater corrosion resistance, super compression resistance

2. Customizable tensile strength: 260kg-2T

3. High flexibility, tensile strength, oil resistance, shallow water resistance, excellent weather resistance

4. Wear-resistant, bending-resistant, tear-resistant, and able to withstand heavier mechanical external forces

5. Faster acceleration and stronger bending resistance than general flexible cables, more adaptable

6. Long travel distance, more suitable for high frequency and fast moving occasions