Advantages of centralized photovoltaic power station

      1. Due to the more flexible location selection, the stability of photovoltaic output has increased, and the positive peak regulation characteristics of solar radiation and electricity load are fully utilized to play the role of peak shaving.


      2. The operation mode is more flexible. Compared with distributed photovoltaic, reactive power and voltage control can be carried out more conveniently, and it is easier to participate in grid frequency adjustment.


      3. The construction period is short, the environmental adaptability is strong, no water source, coal-fired transportation and other raw materials are required, the operating cost is low, the centralized management is convenient, and the space restriction is small, and the expansion can be easily achieved.




      1. It needs to rely on long-distance transmission lines to send electricity into the grid, and at the same time, it is also a larger source of interference to the grid. Problems such as transmission line losses, voltage drops, and reactive power compensation will become prominent.


      2. A large-capacity photovoltaic power station is realized by a combination of multiple conversion devices. The collaborative work of these devices requires the same management. At present, the technology in this area is not yet mature.


      3. In order to ensure the security of the power grid, large-capacity centralized photovoltaic access requires new functions such as LVRT, and this technology often conflicts with isolated islands.