Classifications of pv solar cable in photovoltaic power station

Solar pv cables can be divided into DC cables and AC cables according to the system of the photovoltaic power station. According to the different purposes and use environments, they are classified as follows:

1. DC solar cable

(1) Serial cables between components.

(2) Parallel cables between the strings and between the strings and the DC distribution box (combiner box).

(3) The cable between the DC distribution box and the inverter.

The above cables are all DC cables, which are laid out in many places and need to be protected from moisture, exposure to sunlight, cold, heat, and ultraviolet rays. In some special environments, they also need to be protected from chemicals such as acid and alkali.

2. AC cable

(1) The connecting cable from the inverter to the step-up transformer.

(2) The connecting cable from the step-up transformer to the power distribution device.

(3) Connecting cables from the power distribution device to the power grid or users.

This part of the cable is an AC load cable, and there are many laying in the indoor environment. It can be selected according to the general power cable selection requirements.

3. Special cables for solar photovoltaic

Solar DC cables need to be laid outdoors, and the environmental conditions are harsh. The cable materials should be based on resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone, severe temperature changes, and chemical erosion. Long-term use of ordinary photovoltaic cables in this environment will cause the cable sheath to be fragile and even decompose the cable insulation layer. These conditions will directly damage the cable system, and at the same time will increase the risk of cables short circuits. In the medium and long term, the possibility of fire or personal injury is also higher, which greatly affects the service life of the system.

Therefore, it is very necessary to use photovoltaic cables and components in photovoltaic power plants. With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, the market for photovoltaic components has gradually formed. As far as cables are concerned, a variety of professional photovoltaic cable products have been developed. The recently developed electron beam cross-link cable has a rated temperature of 120°C, which can withstand harsh weather and mechanical shocks.

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