Application requirements and characteristics of underwater zero-buoyancy cables for submarine rov

In underwater projects, such as in the ocean, it is usually hundreds of meters or even meters of water. In addition to the necessary hardware and instrumentation facilities, this kind of work also requires the use of cables that transmit power and signal control.

The requirements for cables used in this environment are often very harsh, and ordinary ordinary cables have the following disadvantages:

On the one hand, due to the operation on water, in order to ensure the insulation of the cable, the number of insulation layers of the cable will be increased, so that the cable will become very heavy.

On the other hand, most of the cables used in engineering equipment cannot float in the water, so the more the cables fall into the water when the engineering equipment moves forward, the more the burden on the mobile engineering equipment will be increased, and it is easy to cause Falling off at both ends of the cable.

Retesting, the submersion of the cable also greatly reduces its visibility, and it is easy to be damaged by creatures or rocks in the water when dragging, and the damage cannot be observed in time.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a cable that can float on water, has good flexibility, ideal mechanical strength and good water resistance for underwater operations. Therefore, kuka cable has developed and optimized the relevant underwater use based on years of cable design experience. cables to provide market demand. This cable is also known as underwater ROV umbilical, zero buoyancy cable, floating cable and so on.

Advantages of kuka underwater zero buoyancy cable:

1. High flexibility and resistance to bending, excellent waterproof performance, and resistance to seawater corrosion.

2. It can be designed and produced to withstand large mechanical external forces; elastomer polyurethane materials are highly wear-resistant.

3. It is flexible at low temperature and has stable compressive performance; it has been proved to be safe and reliable, and it can be used in many occasions.