The Type Of Automotive Wire & Cable

What is Automotive Wiring?

Automotive wiring, as you know, it's used within different types of automobiles. Automotive wires are mainly used for automotive interior connections, instruments, batteries, and circuits. The main characteristics are cold resistance and high temperature resistance. The applications of these products are very similar, but choosing the wrong one could cause accidents. The different parameters and configurations of automotive wiring  make it more and more difficult to choose the correct it.


Automotive Primary Wire

The most prevalent wiring used within automotive applications is known as "Primary Wire." Primary wiring comes in many different configurations and constructions. In the United States and Canada, a primary wire is typically used for general purpose applications within automobiles and marine vehicles. These types of cables are also perfect solutions for harsh environments or challenging to reach locations, as the different constructions are able to fulfill even the most demanding application requirements.

Battery Automotive Cable 

Battery cables are usually larger in size and are primarily used to connect the battery to the car's electronic system and ground. So the overall product is heavier. These cables consist of bare copper conductors and are available in standard battery circuit colors of black and red.

Hook-Up Automotive Wire

Hook-Up automotive wire is a copper wire with a single insulated conductor, either solid or stranded. The sheath on the connecting wire can be made of PVC, neoprene, silicone rubber, etc. The most popular type of wire for automotive applications is TEW UL1015 (thermoplastic elastomer wire) or motor wire. This type of motor wire is commonly used in the internal wiring of appliances and within HVAC equipment.

Car Speaker Wire

Car speaker wire is used to make the electrical connection between the speaker and the audio amplifier. Speaker wire consists of two or more electrical conductors, insulated with PVC, PE or Teflo rubber. These two wires are identical in electrical performance and are generally marked with red and black to identify the correct polarity of the audio signal. Speaker wires are commonly found in parallel zips and are used for 12v power supplies.

Trailer Cable

Trailer cables are automotive wires most commonly used to tow vehicles, trailers, and other heavy equipment. This wire powers the trailer's lights, including the tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals. Trailer cables are an integral part of the trailer connector safety system for any towing application.

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